a STORE is born!

Yeah...that title happened. Sorry.

There's a point in everybody's life when they question if what they're doing is right or if they're happy.  Not everybody digs down deep and figures things out.  Not everybody realizes that instead of complaining, they can actually DO something. What are we getting at here?  Wait...what are we getting at?  We're not really sure.  Let's just say that School of Vintage was born out of necessity.  The need to step away from cubicles, office politics, inflexibility, the rules and policies of others (who, in our humble opinion, have no right making rules and policies) but more importantly, the need to step back into something that we strayed away from so long ago...all things vintage.  A store of our own.  Our own rules and policies.  No cubicles.  No dumb meetings.  Just awesomeness all the time.

So we did just that.  We stopped complaining and we started a business where we could sell all of the wonderful finds that we go out and buy on a weekly basis and consign other people's wonderful treasures.  Right now its a side project that we are vigilantly trying to turn into a full time venture.  We are very proud of our ever expanding inventory and of everything we consign.  Its only been a few months of being a legit business, but so far we're having a blast!  We'd lose our minds all over the place if we could do this for a living (that sounds gross). 

Erin - massage therapist by day
Jeannine - chemist by day