saturday salvage trip

So today was our big salvage trip to the Island. We were so grateful to be invited to take ANYTHING we wanted from this beautiful WWII-era home. It was previously owned by a woman in her 100's, whose family wanted nothing to do with her belongings. Knowing well the fate of old homes on Long Beach Island, we couldn't bear the thought of surrendering the furniture to a landfill.

main house

An exciting bonus was the backyard cottage. Chock-full of gems. The cottage was built in the 1920's and was rolled on logs to its final spot in the yard in the 40's. The majority of the homes on LBI were primarily summer destinations, the cottage was most likely a rental or extra space for family members to stay in season.

two-story cottage
We were like kids in a candy store. Jeannine was so excited, she literally felt as if her head would explode.

We are pretty sure that the neighbors thought we were robbing the place.

bathroom with a fantastic porcelain tub.......and carpet

matching 1940's? wardrobe and dresser. And a ghost that looked like Jeannine.

1950's GE refrigerator
there's a slight chance that Erin ran away from this screaming. those are all bugs. spiders and centipedes to be exact. we left this one behind. eeew.

discovered in a closet

1950's Westinghouse Roaster

our reward. 
It was a hugely successful day and we are very much looking forward to cleaning everything up to list. Big thanks to Paul and Chris for their muscles. Otherwise, we probably would have ended up with some chairs and a roaster oven.