new addition

There is a story that goes along with this find. Erin here (1/2 of SoV). I found this beaut on Craigslist, and desperately wanting an outdoor table for my front porch, I hurried to pick her up. I envision morning tea and etsy managing in the summer when my flowers are all a-bloom and I have an obscene amount of hanging plants all around so I feel as close to sitting in a garden as possible. This lovely table was kept in perfect condition, a coat of paint and a happy rear-end is all she needs.
When Paul and I arrived to pick her up, we noticed that she is a remnant of an estate sale. So, as I squealed with excitement over how the Craigslist pictures did no justice to the table, the granddaughter of the owner offered to show me what was in the basement. As we walked downstairs, it was as if we walked back in time about 55 years. It was straight out of the 1950's and a dream. She showed me a table that was also a castaway from the sale. (excuse the darkness)

WHAT! that's a 1950's chrome and formica kitchen table with chairs. In perfect condition. So in my giddiness, I just assumed she was ready to give it to me. To my dismay, it turned out she had no authority on what to sell/keep/how much/etc. The executor of the estate is a very wealthy relative who has no attachment to any of the leftover items. The woman told us the executor was just there after the estate sale with a dumpster, and ugh, you can imagine the rest....She told us that they called it all junk and tossed it. One thing that unfortunately ended up in the dump was this mint condition mid-century chair.

and soon to go....

...also in perfect condition. The picture does this no justice. It was a bright yellow and green plaid. So I made offers on everything that wasn't trashed and hoped for the best.

Which brings me to my (our) point. It was recently brought to our attention that many towns (prime salvaging areas) by us are outlawing trash picking. They are passing ordinances that makes it illegal to take something from someone else's garbage!

A good percentage of the furniture in both of our houses is straight from the trash. According to the towns, they are trying to prevent burglaries. Chris, Jeannine's fiance, recently found out that they are indeed enforcing the law since he was stopped by an officer while taking metal from someone's trash to scrap.  Its absurd to us that towns would rather it all end up in a dump than recycled.

So we are crossing our fingers, legs, eyes, etc. that we get a phone call from the executor of that beautiful furniture. Hopefully they choose us over a dumpster.