Erin and Jeannine circa 1950.

Warmer weather is just around the corner, and you know what that means. Garage sales and flea markets. Ok ok, I guess it means more than that, especially where we live. We live in a coastal area in NJ where the dichotomy between summer and winter is part of life for us locals. In the winter, life is quieter, less crowded, completely opposite of summer. We love both, and living in a vacation spot allows you to appreciate aspects of either season. 
Getting to the point...we've decided to partake in the flea market/antique show season. Not only as shoppers, but as dealers! This is very exciting to us, as we hope to network, sell, and most importantly, chow on flea market food. We hope to be that new treasure of a shop that people discover, while discovering the same of others. Here are a few shows we are applying to and hope to see you at!

St. Francis Summer Antique Show and Sale, Brant Beach, LBI: July 30 + 31st

Columbus Flea Market, Columbus: held every weekend

Hopefully we will be adding to this list. We will certainly keep you posted! Look for our booth, we'll be the girls with the painful sunburned skin and french fries.