a retrospective

 Around the time these pictures were taken was the approximate time of birth of our vintage store. It was when our two separate dreams collided mid-air and created the spark that keeps it alive today.  Back then it wasn't named School of Vintage, we didn't have an Etsy shop, we did however have an Ebay shop, and there was some hardcore college studying going on.  clearly.

(forgive the scanned in grainy-ness, these were taken prior to the boom of digital cameras)
J9, slapping her bass

Erin with her orange 'fro

The wolfpack. See that girl in the middle? that's Kristel*. One of our best friends and supporters. We <3 Kristel a lot.

an old 'friend'

Funny story: Senior year in college (around the time of these photos), we were enrolled together in Advanced Biochemistry with Dr. Rogerson.  The day before our final exam, we locked ourselves in an unused classroom with a white board, some dry erase markers, potato chips, cream cheese, and water. We were in there for upwards of 9 hours studying the intricacies of the Krebs Cycle.

You know what's interesting, though? We can't even remember the exam, our grades on the exam, or much of the Krebs Cycle. Sure, we passed, graduated, and moved on. What we remember is the time we spent talking (instead of studying) about these two cute boys we met, Chris and Paul. (Whom we both married.) We remember pigging out on potato chips dipped in cream cheese, trying so hard to make sense of chemical reactions you can't even see, and how our professor had the most adorable Spanish accent. And how he overused the word 'bucketloads.'

What the hell is our point?

The meat of life is in the journey, not the destination. We've learned there is no magical endpoint to all of this. Who knows where School of Vintage will take us. What we do know, is that we are doing our very best, to have the most amount of fun possible. Bucketloads of fun.

Do your best to enjoy your journey. OH and be nice to others. Always.

*special shout out to Kristel( that girl in the photo). She's getting her PhD in Biochemistry. Go get 'em tiger.