trash for sale

So you are aware by now that we have a tendency, no...more of an insane need to rescue things from the trash. Usually, they are vintage pieces. Here's the story:  I (erin) was on my morning jog, en route home when I passed a house with this gem out front, ready to be trashed. You know how people say when they are in situations where their adrenaline shoots up, they are able to lift a car? OK,  I was sweating balls, and ready to collapse from exhaustion, when I spotted her. I literally engaged in a full-on sprint to get home to get Paul and his truck. Luckily I made it back before it was picked up, we loaded her and took her home, popped a few hernias doing so.

the mirror, oh the mirror

As you can see in the reflection, she's being kept in my garage amongst extension cords, bikes, and surfboards.  But would you look at that mirror!? Can you picture these in a landfill? The kicker here is that she's for sale. We haven't listed her on etsy or ebay yet. The idea of shipping her gives us nightmares. Buy her, she needs you.

p.s. it's definitely a 'she', just look at those curves....