antique show day 2 // what we learned

As you know by now, we are green when it comes to antique shows. We basically dove right into this one, head first. Turns out, it was a lot of fun, and completely addicting! We certainly did not want it to end. This is us after the show, packing up. We were sad, yet satisfied.

Here are a few things we learned this weekend:
  1. Network with other dealers.  We might have some really important connections now. 
  2. Engage in conversation with customers (well the ones who want to engage in conversation).  They, too might become really important connections. Not only can you teach them things about the merchandise, but they might be able to teach you some things too.
  3. Be kind, no matter what. YES even to the person who comes back twice for a $9.00 vase, and passive-aggressively states how there is a chip to their companion about 50+ times, then doesn't buy it. YES even to the other vendor who complains about where you parked.
  4. Research the venue first and think about all the pros and cons of the location.  (the season, weather, foot traffic, etc., past shows).  Talk to the organizer of the event and get specifics.
  5. Bring food (thanks to Pussycat Vintage for the great suggestion!) We suggest doughnuts.
  6. Plan your space accordingly. If it is a 10' x 10' space, mark it out prior to the show and figure out exactly how much you can fit. We learned that it's easier to go up than out. So we are investing in some shelving. 
  7. Have the best time ever. And don't take it personally if someone passes by your booth, not everyone is in the market for what you're selling. 
Overall it was a huge success for us in many ways. It was so bizarre at first, we felt vulnerable with people perusing our items. Then we got used to it. I think that's where confidence comes in. WE know we have a great inventory, and for every person who passes it over, there will be another who can't get enough.

We also want to give a huge thanks to Paul and Chris for their man muscles. They were so much help to us, and literally didn't complain once. We could sense their excitement for us, which means so much.