cross process

This post has nothing to do with vintage, and there really is no point other than our injection of commentary on a recently downloaded app. For non-professional photographers like us, any sort of photo-editing application does wonders. We've noticed a plethora of photos out in the social media world that without the help of  any editing process would be so much less whimsical.  Here's what we mean. Feel free to take notes:


As a teenager, I used to do this at parties and wait until someone noticed.

nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, diahrrea

courtesy of Bear the Newfoundland. and complete with flies. whimsical poop.

artsy air conditioner

empty paint cans and weed killer. I might frame this one.

dying plant. I literally just gave up on it.
 Don't get us wrong. We are avid users of photo editing (lord knows we need it). We couldn't help but point this fact out. Just like we can't help but replace any word in a song that ends in -art with fart.
Examples: 'My fart will go on', 'Achy Braky Fart', 'Burning Fart', 'Gypsy Fart', 'Fart of Glass', 'Listen to your Fart', 'Nothing but Fartaches', one more then we're done, I promise 'Every Beat of my Fart'.

*photo credit: us.  jealous?