salvaged: typewriter

*Note:  Considering we are a salvage business and have an overabundance of fantastic vintage items that were rescued we are going to start featuring items that were salvaged by us and are either for sale or not. Until we figure out how to create a tab that includes all of our salvage posts, click on the label below to see everything. We also will be updating all of the posts to include details as to what it is, whether it's for sale, how much we are asking, and any other important details. It will become a regular feature on this here blog, so check back often to keep up on all of our salvaging adventures.

What is it?   IBM electric typewriter

What year?     based on our research, we believe it to be a 1954

For sale?      you bet

How much?    $30

Condition? In good working condition. The ribbon has been replaced, however a few letters type more faintly than others. Aesthetically, there are a few scrapes and smudges which you can see in the top photo.

Anything else? this mother is heav-y, but sounds really awesome while it's running.