What: A two toned orange shelf with floral design. (more salvaged than trash)
Found: Chris' grandfather's house on Long Beach Island, NJ.
Condition: A bit worn and faded with some nicks - but it looks kind of good that way.
Misc.:  We're really excited about this piece because it's versatile enough to go in almost any room in the house.  It could potentially fit in a corner, against a main wall or hung up as a book shelf.  This would have ended up in the dumpster if Chris didn't rescue it first - actually I think it WAS in the dumpster (which is why its in this "trash" post).  We're using it as a Pyrex shelving unit at the moment but all of our Pyrex doesn't fit on it so we're thinking of slapping it up on a wall and calling it a day.

What: Mid-century end table

Found: On the curb in Long Beach Island.  It was actually right near Erin's job but I found it first!
Condition: Overall good condition with minor water damage on top.
Misc.:  This makes a fantastic addition to our house.  Right now it's in our sun room/breakfast nook/mud room as a table for our plants.  And in the winter we use it to house all our gloves and miscellaneous winter items.  It's so stylish AND functional.