a productive weekend

Ensign salvaged from the trash

danish modern adjustable foot stool

pink sconce

collection of 1960's Charlie Brown books

tea towel






Industrial light fixture

fantastically creepy piggy bank



shout out to Meredith, who has a really great eye for vintage items. It was at her yard sale that we acquired all of these gems. (except the ensign) This is only a fraction of the awesomeness that adorned her driveway. I can only imagine what's hiding in the boxes she mentioned that were in her attic....

Though we aren't huge collectors of pottery, these pieces just couldn't be passed up. To be quite honest, sometimes 'collectible' pottery can be hideous. These however, were exceptionally attractive.

Oh and that piggy bank definitely would have scared the crap out of me as a child, which is why I HAD to have it.

*pictures of the dresses to come!