Collection: Vintage Cameras and Projectors

These are some of the vintage cameras and projectors that we have around the house.  I'm almost positive there are more somewhere.  Just the other day, for instance, there was a vintage Polaroid camera in the living room and now it's gone.  I seem to remember Chris saying he didn't like it in that location before it disappeared but now I can't find where it ended up.  Maybe it's in his workshop and, if so, it leaves me to wonder what else might have ended up in there.  But that's too overwhelming to think about and is outside the context of this post. are the ones that are currently on display:

Mudroom: Polaroid OneStep Flash - Circa 1980s

Bathroom: Kodak Signet 300 Projector Model A - Circa Late 1940s
Upstairs Hallway: Polaroid Automatic 210 Land Camera - Circa 1960s
Office, Small Bookshelf: Eastman Kodak Brownie Special - Circa 1938 (left) and Cine Kodak Eight 25 Movie Camera - Circa 1930s (right)
Office, Large Bookshelf (can you spot the four cameras?)
Large Bookshelf - Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Leica D.R.P 35mm - Circa 1934 (top left), Kodak Instamatic M7 Movie Camera - Circa Late 1960s (top right), Olympus OM-4 SLR - Circa 1984 (bottom left) and Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera - Circa 1970s (bottom right)
What are my favorites you ask?  I'm really into the Kodak Signet 300 Projector and the Polaroid 210 Land Camera.  I find myself admiring them often.  Thanks for taking a peak into another one our collections!