It Pays to Comment...LITERALLY!

Our Dress Featured in The Modern Mode
We absolutely love finding new blogs to read and we also love seeing updates from blogs that we always follow.  Some people are so creative with their imagery and descriptions...whether its vintage-themed or not. (Although we're suckers for anything vintage.) Its also really fun to network and connect with people who share a common interest or intrigue us in some way.  For instance, The Modern Mode featured one of our vintage dresses in their Beach House post.  We were so excited that someone highlighted one of our items but we were even more excited and fascinated to read about the person behind Modern Mode.  We learned something new...something so interesting and so thought provoking.  See their site description below:

  "This site was created to explore the inter-dependent relationships between fashion, music, and art. It was inspired by synesthesia, a normal condition that allows people like me to see moving colors and shapes when listening to music. As a result, I've always been fascinated by the ways different arts inform one another. Posts will feature fashion, music, and art of all kinds in order to explore their shared aesthetic qualities so that we can experience them all in rich new ways. Hope you enjoy!"

One of our all time favorite bloggers is Jenny Mitchel of Frecklewonder.  She's a self-proclaimed "mama, junk lover, kook" and she updates her site with some amazing pictures and vintage treasures.  Its a very colorful site and will appeal to all of your senses.  We decided to advertise our Etsy shop on Jenny's site about a month ago and it's paid off.  Sales are up and Jenny even blogs about our store and promotions.  She's fantastic.  Check her out! And check out both of her Etsy shops here and here.  

Jenny's Reupholstered Chairs and Dining Room Table as Featured on
So...about this post title.  Erin (1/2 of School of Vintage) was checking out some cool blogs and came across The Button Owl which "is a collection of interviews, reviews, outfit posts and articles, compiled by Nesha".  There was a post promoting Rock Paper Vintage, a really cool vintage shop on Ebay, where they were giving out a gift card to one lucky commenter.  So Erin took a chance and commented.  And guess what?  We won!  I don't know how the winner was decided (I like to pretend that they choose based on coolness) but Nesha contacted us and we were informed that the gift card was for $50 bucks!!!  Like we really does pay to comment.  The big question now is...what will we buy?  Maybe these...

RPV High Waisted Sheer Secretary Skirt - Starting Bid $9.99
RPV Floral Skinny Boyfriend Blazer - Starting Bid $19.99