Treasury: The Colorful Enamel Edition

Bright Orange Fondu Pot 
Etsy treasuries are a great way to not only help promote the shops of some very worthy vintage sellers, but they're also a fantastic way to get interested in different colors, shapes, themes, textures, prints and even ideas.  Sometimes it takes about 10 minutes to come up with a treasury idea and sometimes it takes days.  And even after the idea can take an obnoxious amount of time to find the perfect pieces to feature.
Enamel Cooking Pot

About one month ago, we put together a treasury featuring colorful enamel.  Seeing all the amazing pieces still makes our mouths water.  Its like perfect, colorfully wrapped vintage candy...but better because they're guilt-free if you allow yourself to indulge.   Take some time to admire each piece for its craftsmanship, design and color.  For us, each item is a blaring reminder that vintage is certainly better.
Enamel & Metal Picnic Plates

Enamel Ware Tea Pot
And don't forget to also take the time to check out each seller's shop.  If they sell things like this, then they must have good taste:

Tipsy Time Machine

The Vintage Apartment

The Creek House

Sticky Stuff

DelC Transit Authority
Mid Century Enamel Pot

Dreaming of Vintage


Cathode Blue

TMY General Store                                        

Bestow Appreciation

Fresh Design 3                                      

27th Ave. Vintage

Vintage 73


Yellow Enamel Tea Kettle
White Willow Vintage                                            

Sticky Fingers