a BIG thanks

We feel a big thanks is owed to all of the customers who've helped us reach 300 sales. In addition to our shout-out we are offering 20% off everything in the shop with the code SOV300.
There is no doubt in our mind that we also owe some thanks and hugs to the bloggers, twitter-ers, fellow shop owners, and facebook fans that have been a huge support and help along the way. 

We want to make it a point to celebrate every milestone along our journey. We don't take any of this for granted for one hot second. We are grateful and humbled by the kindness we've received from many seasoned vintage sellers, bloggers, and the like. There is certainly a long road ahead of us, and sometimes it's really nice to stop for a second and acknowledge those who've helped. 

much love,
Erin and Jeannine

now, off to 400....