It can be bittersweet when you find something like this in the trash. First you think, "what!? awesome! it's mine!", then you think "wait, what if I didn't get here in time...?" One of our most favorite places to find furniture is in the trash. This gem of a bookshelf currently resides at my (Erin's) house. On my way home from work one evening I spotted this in front of someone's house looking quite dilapidated ready to be picked up the next morning by the garbage men. I immediately called my husband Paul, knowing he had a truck and muscles, to swipe in on his way home from work. Being the person he is, he loaded it up and brought it home. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it pre-restoration, but here is what it currently looks like.  Mind you, it's been through a few colors. I'm settled on red and white....for now.