Instant Collections RULE!

Especially when they're Cathrineholm / enamelware instant collections that have been gifted to you by your best friend/business partner.  Erin rendered me completely speechless at my bridal shower when I opened one of her houndstooth-wrapped (best wrapping paper ever) gift boxes and found the entire thing full of insanely awesome vintage enamelware.  Tears of joy came to my eyes.  I looked across the room at my fiance and he, too, was wide-eyed and stunned.

I mean, really? Does it get any better than that?  Chris and I have yet to find the perfect location for these so for now they're displayed in the bay window of our dining room.  They look great there but they need their own home.

Even Henry approves of the collection.  

This instant collection is certainly hard to beat, but you can pick yourself up other great collections here, here, here and here.

So, anyway, thanks Erin!  Kisses!